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This Sunday our Bible readings offer us two vivid images to explore together. Jesus calls himself a flourishing vine and describes his followers as fruit bearing branches. And he invites us to think about two kids of pruning: Pruning of fruitful branches to make way for more growth and abundance of fruit, and pruning of unproductive branches to make space for the whole vine to grow and not get into a tangled mess, with no room for fruit.

I know that when I heard of this image in sermons when I was young, I got it wrong. I thought if you didn’t produce fruit you got ‘cut off’ kind of like punishment. Maybe that was the twist the preachers were putting on it back then, but I now read more carefully and see that pruning is part of fruitfulness as well. A healthy part of growth.

Over the past few years, I’ve experienced a lot of loss - loss of stable income, loss of leadership in an organisation I had grown from scratch, loss of stable accommodation, loss of marriage relationship. If I were to follow the logic that ‘pruning’ was a punishment for lack of fruitfulness I could become despondent. I have sought to follow Jesus and be part of God’s growing and flourishing kingdom. Reading this passage reminds me not to interpret this judgmentally or personally, but to look for what God is doing more broadly, in communities and across communities, across the whole of creation and be glad to be a part of this vine - and be a branch that bears fruit, or be a bench that holds up another branch, from which another branch grows that bears fruit. To not think one person equals one branch, nor even one church equals one branch, but to grasp the deeply organic connectedness of one whole vine and being alive in the one risen and real life of Jesus.


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Sun   9 May    9:30 a.m. Bellerive Uniting Church
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Sun 30 May    9:30 a.m. Bellerive Uniting Church
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